Top Best Government Schemes for Indian Students

Indian Government, at all levels, announces Welfare Schemes for a cross section of the society from time to time. The government of India creates government schemes to address the social and economic well-being of the country’s citizens. 

These schemes are either Central, State specific or a joint collaboration between the Centre and the States. These programmes are critical in addressing many of the socio economic issues that plague Indian society, so everyone should be aware of them. 

In this section, we will try to provide you an easy and single point access to information about several welfare schemes of the Government. 

Top Best Government Schemes for Indian Students

Education is a most important and crucial part of the economy. Thus, continuous and consistent governmental focus is required to this section of the society. The government is taking various initiatives to ensure quality education to the students. 

Top Best Government Schemes for Indian Students

Along with the academic curriculum designed by the specific authorities, governments try their best to provide the students with opportunities to participate and learn from the other educational and recreational activities. Therefore, an individual can come across various schemes under different categories to ensure the involvement of the students for their better future.

The article mentions certain programmes and initiatives of the Central Government as well as the state government to improve the social status and living of the citizens. 

For instance, The Atma Nirbhar package was declared by the government this year to promote the principle of self-confidence and independence among the individuals. 

As well as, India’s Finance Minister announced the Union Budget 2021-22 on February 1, 2021, and made new announcements about government schemes in India to work upon the different areas and aspects of the society. There are continuous efforts made in the field of the Students welfare.

Given below are few schemes and programmes, announced specifically for the students:


AICTE Scheme for study tour of ATAL TUNNEL, Himachal Pradesh– YOUTH UNDERTAKING VISIT FOR ACQUIRING KNOWLEDGE (YUVAK). The AICTE – All India Council for Technical Education that began the Atal Tunnel Study Tour for youth on May 21, 2021, at 4 p.m.


  • To obtain first-hand experience and expertise about the most up-to-date tunnel construction techniques.
  • Learn about the obstacles and risks that this project faced during its execution.
  • Improving engineering education and instilling a culture of science and creativity.
  • To motivate engineering students to further their technical education.

For registration:

For more info: – 


Faculty in engineering and polytechnic colleges are in short supply. To solve this problem, the government should encourage pre-final and final-year degree students to pursue postgraduate studies. 

This programme aims to provide financial assistance to institutions that are able to go above and beyond in promoting and educating SC/ST students for GATE/GPAT/CAT/CMAT and GRE. 

The scheme’s overall goal is to assist potential SC/ST students who are pursuing higher education through admission tests such as GATE/GPAT/CAT/CMAT/ TOEFL/ IELTS/ GRE.

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The broad objective of this scheme is to help SC/ST students in designing, launching and running their own business/start-ups after formal education is over/during their final year of education and should have registered a company/ start-up in his/her name.

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This scheme is to increase the culture of education among the students and to have a hand at research. The primary purpose of this scheme is to provide support to the engineering students.
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Recently, The Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (RGNF) scheme for Scheduled Tribes has been renamed as National Fellowship for Higher Education of ST Students and Ministry of Tribal Affairs formulates and provide fund for this programme. 

The scheme is open to candidates who belong to Scheduled Tribe and are pursuing higher studies such as regular and full time M.Phil and Ph.D degree in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences and Engineering & Technology. 

There are 750 slots for Scheduled Tribe candidates every year for all the subjects.

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So we have discussed about the top best government schemes for Indian students in this blog. If poor parents also get aware of these useful schemes then their children can also pursue higher studies without any financial stress.

If you got aware of these useful schemes then share this blog to other people so that more and more people get aware about these schemes. Remember “sharing is caring”.

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