Social Media Sites: a Double-Edged Sword

The current age of science and technology has impacted the individual in every sphere. The expansion of social networking and media has led to huge spread of socialization digitally.

Basically, the social networking site is defined as an online platform which provides people with an opportunity to build social relationships with different people.

Social Media Sites: a Double-Edged Sword

Gradually, social media has become an integral part of the individual life, as it has the potential to boost the personality of the user. 

It is no more a medium of informal communication than a significant mode to promote one’s business, organization, etc. it is an excellent instrument to attract and advertise talent.

However, every type and site of social media has two sides- Bright and Dark. It is as helpful or disturbing on the basis of the manner of the usage. 

Data shows that India has around 400 million people that make use of one or other social media platforms.

Advantage and disadvantage of social media sites

The heavy usage of social media among the children and youngsters has led to certain hostile incidents like, Mental disorder or instability, attempts to suicide, Self-injurious behavior, etc. 

Social Media Sites: a Double-Edged Sword

The introduction of social media has brought a kind of reformation and modernization in society. On the other hand, excessive usage of it, also brought various negative consequences.

Thus, it becomes necessary to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Advantages of Social media sites

Social media is a great medium to establish connectivity among different individuals. The people from all around the world can communicate and connect with each other very easily. The distance among the individuals shortened even if they are a continent apart, they feel close. 

Also, the people can share their views and ideas on a specific issue and get to hear other’s perspectives. 

For example, if someone publishes something on their social media profile, the other users have the liberty to comment upon the same. Social websites can help the people around you and resolve the prevailing social issues. 

Even during the pandemic situation, the social media platform has helped the individuals in need to approach others for help. Thus, the connections can be viable if it simplifies things. 

The businesses and organizations now have the opportunity to know the needs of the people through social media websites. Also, the existing businesses can easily accept the consumer review and enhance their product accordingly. 

It has helped the individuals certainly in expanding their businesses. Various small businesses gained a major advantage of social media. Now they are operating from home through their social media accounts and are receiving overwhelming responses. 

The technological improvement and establishment of social media platforms proved very beneficial for the young generation. Its significance has drastically increased during the pandemic and lockdown situations.

Disadvantages of social media sites

Social media is prone to certain setbacks and lackings. The sharing of ideas and news on social media has led to various sites coming up and posting contradictory news on the same issue. Thus, there is wide spread of fake and misleading information on social media, this creates confusion among the people and can lead to adverse instances. 

Social media has given birth to a whole new term of Cyber-bullying. Some immoral people feel pleasure in attacking other individuals. As the individuals can choose to hide their real identity and misrepresent themselves. It causes a lot of difficulties in identification of the user. This problem is more common among the young users of social media, who do these mischiefs for fun without knowing the future consequences of the same. 

Social media is quite addictive and at the same time it proved bad for mental, physical and social well-being. Excessive use of anything is dangerous and the same phrase is applicable to social media platforms. 

The harmful radiation coming from the electronic devices can affect mental health. It can cause a decline in the ability to think and function of an individual, that increases complication and complexities.


As we have discussed the major advantages and disadvantages of social media sites and found that the social media sites are truly a double edged sword. 

Before starting to use social media, you should keep the negative impacts in mind. Communication is a vital part of human society, however, the increase in penetration of social media affects the individual’s practical skills adversely. 

There is an urgent need to keep a check upon the social activities of the young children to ensure that they learn good things and to avoid their involvement in wicked activities.

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